Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What Really Grinds My Gears

So, everybody has a talent ..from singing too picking plates up really fast... I was going to do this blog about talent but i just got a thought in my head about people and confidence .. for most people confidence is a down fall, because we don't all look like Beyonce now do we! but in my opinion, beautiful isn't a thing its an opinion..so to somebody else  your beautiful and too somebody else your ugly;simple.But the thing i hate is when people get upset over the way they look and start messing around with their face and let what other people say to them upset them, trust me i have been there and over the last few months i have gotten over how i look, i just don't care anymore as long as i have got my health. Now when people say stuff like ' everybody's beautiful, fuck what others think' the people who say it usually look like models, so your instantly going to think that's okay for you too say'.. but seriously you shouldn't care what people say..yeah take complements but if someone insults you don't insult them back ( that's what i do, usually because i don't want to be insulted again haha!) just turn the blind eye and think too yourself ' okay that's someones opinion, some others think  different' you really shouldn't care, a piece of chocolate doesn't care when you don't like it does it?no, so why should you care if somebody doesn't like the way you look, unless that persons REALLY important to you , you shouldn't care about what they think.Well rant over all im trying to say is i am sick of people putting themselves down, that's what really grinds my gears,haha.    Whitney

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