Sunday, 9 December 2012

first post ohh yeahh

Well, im writing a blog and i really dont know what to blog about..i mean theres so many things ..theres Money,Food,Clothes..oh and Make-up ..ok so ive noticed half of the population of girls blog about Make-up and love to blog about that stuff but.. i dont wear Make-up and i aint a Fashion  Guru. 

Ok so once i get more followers (i currently have none ) (wow that sounded posh) ill start being more intresting..tell you my thoughts,not like there interesting because honestly i sit and think about people of the internet that i want to,no not about normal stuff , i sit and pick abunch of giirls i want to be, for starters i want to be that girl of the Tumblr Swag-note .. what girl? exactly.

well , once again ..i havent got a clue but when i do have a clue ( aye that rhymed!) ill just tell you about my self, im from England, my mums fully English my dads fully African so you know what that makes oreo yes a muthaafuckinn oreo . But yeah i like acting i hope to do something with it one day oh and on christmas day im going too start making youtube videos..i dont know what abfout but i am . ( if the world doesnt end and im only starting on christmas because thats when i get an camer+ iphone..whoop.) Well i have blabbered on and i hope you read this..erm yeah, Peace , Love , Rubbergloves... lol joke thats mazzi maz's thannng.

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  1. haha you are so right! Half the girls do blog about makeup and fashion, and thats because it is the most popular. HOWEVER, if you are able to blog about something else and still make it popular its really fulfilling! :)
    Nina from!