Monday, 10 December 2012


Okay so , its nearly Christmas:D and even thought i am 15 i still can never sleep on Christmas Eve.. i think i know what i am getting for Christmas but here is my Christmas list :D

iphone- im not really bothered which one as long as i get one, would be mint to get an iphone  4 or 5 though.

 camera- i know im getting a camera , butt id love a camera thats like £900, but we all know that aint gonna happen.

Glynn Brown L34F jumper-  ahhh these are so groovey ( did i just say groovey?, yes i did..) i think there so smart and cute,there really simple,its just his logo a love heart with a blue bow on it, ill give the link if you want to buy one, but im not sure if you can get them if your from England. Plus Glynn Browns hot ..thats another reason why i want one.

Goodboys beanie- SAM PEPPERS NEW BEANIES OMG!!!!! these are so cute, theres two new winter hats hes just brought out a few days ago, he sells caps too there quite mint. I have quite short hair at the moment so i probably wont wear it, but i still need one.

Stefan Janoski shoes- Not sure if i spelt that right, but there sicccccccccckkaaggeee, there so cute and neat i just love them, they are originally skateborder shoes but id just wear them with anything even a dress, you get them from nike shop:) google it .

Clothes- i just want, no , i need new clothes, id love to get clothes fromurban outfitters and alllaa them jazzy places, but they are expensive.. but seems as santas bringing my presents he can pay!! Id love some MSFTS clothing too, Jaden Smith wears it alot, im not sure if he made the clothing line, but yeahh google that tooo guysss .

And last but not least..MONEY, i love that green shit. Well its kinda grey money in the uk ..but thats cool too.

Erm, well..i dont really want much for christmas, haha. Hope you all have a mint christmas and get fat , it is a celebration!

Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear Whoooop